A company lets you rent both at 60 locations around the world, such as Croatia, Bulgaria, and Greece at a fraction of the price you can imagine. Think yachts are only for the rich and the famous? Think again. A company called Loan a boat offers the British the chance to hire a luxury boat for as little as £ 126 per. Week. An all-inclusive vacation to Croatia can make you spend minimum £ 500 per person. And it will usually not include the use of a private yacht.

For those who want a change, the company has a ten-person Lagoon 380 S2 yacht, docked in Biograd Na Moru in the northern country, which can be hired by up to ten people. While the boat costs £ 200,000 to buy, it comes to £ 1,260 a week – which seems like £ 126p distributed between ten passengers. In addition, you have the freedom of where to go on the Croatian coast every day and what views to wake up to every day – which is not something you get in a regular hotel.

Another option is an Oceanic 331 yacht from Beneteau, anchored in Port Varna, Bulgaria. The yacht accommodates eight people and costs £ 1,449 per person. Week, which seems like £ 181 per Person for one week, the company has 17,000 yachts to choose from, moored in 60 countries around the world, and they can be hired through their dedicated app.
While previous yachting experience will help, but those who do not have it can hire a skipper paying the charge of £ 150 a day. Matt says: “Most people will have seen yachts in movies and felt scared of envy. But the James Bond lifestyle is actually much easier – and cheaper – to achieve than you might realize. Boat rentals can be extremely affordable and our service works the same as Airbnb does.”

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