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Honorable Canadian Sailor Passes Away

Among the sailors of Canada who have made the country proud, Donald MacKenzie Green is one such name. He was proclaimed as one of the key figures in America’s Cup campaigns of the eighties. It was a time to commemorate him since he passed away on February 18th this year. He was 86 years old […]

With ‘Airbnb Of Boats’ You Can Vacation On A Luxury Boat – As Little As £ 126 Per Week

A company lets you rent both at 60 locations around the world, such as Croatia, Bulgaria, and Greece at a fraction of the price you can imagine. Think yachts are only for the rich and the famous? Think again. A company called Loan a boat offers the British the chance to hire a luxury boat […]

2017 Lightning World Championship Goes To Conte

The Argentinean Javier Cote was in the fine sailing form at the 2017 Lightning World Championship that was held from November 22 to 25. He, along with his crew members Paula Salerno and Julio Alsogaray entered the final day of the racing event with a 23 point lead. They won the series in a convincing […]


Sir Ben Ainslie has joined many praising the 75ft foiling monohull concept drawings of the Emirates Team New Zealand. Despite the rivalry, Ainslie hailed the design, describing it as a “truly high performance boat.” The sailing legend said the concept would be as quick if not quicker than the foiling catamarans used in the last […]